About Flower One

Founded in Growth Science

Founded on the intersection of large-scale agriculture and business, Flower One is on the fast track to becoming the leading cannabis cultivator, producer and innovator in the State of Nevada. Flower One owns and operates a 25,000 square foot cultivation and production facility in North Las Vegas, with nine grow rooms capable of cultivating a total of 4,500 plants per cycle, and owns the established NLV Organics consumer brand of cannabis products. And with our advanced growth science focus and production expertise, we are transforming the single largest greenhouse in Nevada into a 400,000 square foot cultivation operation and 55,000 production facility that will deliver the cleanest, highest-quality flower and product derivatives to the marketplace.

Sustainable cannabis at scale. As a cannabis cultivator, producer and preferred partner for various dispensaries and brands, we will be known for top quality cannabis flower, world class growing operations and outstanding service. Our mission is to build a recognizable global brand while maintaining a nimble approach to customized orders of cannabis flower and cannabis derivatives.

Leading Product Portfolio

In addition to the established, NLV Organics branded cannabis product line, Flower One is working to develop and produce a diverse range of product derivatives ranging from pre-rolls, oils, concentrates, distillates, edibles and topicals. Our focus is on three channels for supplying Nevada’s retail cannabis market and post-harvest production market:


Direct Selling to Nevada’s Dispensaries including Flower One branded products and our third-party partners’ products to over 60 dispensaries across Nevada.

Private and White Label

Contract cultivation, production and packaging for out-of-state consumer cannabis brands looking to enter the Nevada market.


A broad range of unbranded wholesale product offerings including trim, oil, distillates and dry flower to existing production and retail license holders who are seeking to reformulate and package under their own brands.

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