Flower One Holdings Inc. is sharply focused on the recreational and medical cannabis markets in Nevada, where its subsidiary operations are currently converting the largest commercial scale greenhouse in the State. The 455,000 square foot facility will be used for cannabis cultivation as well as the processing, production and high-volume packaging of dry flower, cannabis oils, concentrates and infused products.

Flower One also owns and operates a 25,000 square foot cultivation and production facility in North Las Vegas, with nine grow rooms capable of cultivating a total of 4,500 plants per cycle, and owns the established NLV Organics consumer brand of cannabis products.

The company’s common shares are listed and traded on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) under the stock symbol “FONE” and on the OTCQB under the symbol “FLOOF”.

Investment Highlights
  • Experienced greenhouse operators with a track record of profitable growth
  • Will be the largest cultivator and producer of cannabis in the State of Nevada – 400,000 square feet of greenhouse cultivation space and an additional 55,000 square feet dedicated to processing, production and packaging
  • Greenhouse to be fully canopied by Q1 or Q2 2019
  • Fully licensed for cultivation and production of both medical and recreational marijuana in the State of Nevada



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