Board of Directors

Ken Villazor

President and CEO

Mr. Villazor has more than 20 years of experience in Corporate Affairs including communications, public relations, business development, regulatory affairs, government relations, philanthropy and public policy. He has held numerous senior positions in the pharmaceutical industry working extensively in government regulated aspects of commercial operations including formulary/market access, pricing compliance, price controls, manufacturing grants, regulatory approvals and shaping federal and provincial government policies. Mr. Villazor has been a director of Organic Garage Ltd. (TSXV:OG) since 2016 and serves on its Audit Committee, Governance Committee and Compensation Committee. He has worked for a number of large pharmaceutical companies including SmithKline Beecham, GlaxoSmithKline and Biovail Corporation as well as with the industry’s national trade association based in Ottawa. In addition, Mr. Villazor also spent more than decade in the sports and entertainment industry including having served as an Alternate Governor and advisor to a National Hockey League franchise. His Board experience spans the academic sector, not-for-profit sector and publicly-traded companies.

Nitin Kaushal


Mr. Kaushal has over 30 years of expertise in the cannabis, life sciences and healthcare markets in addition to serving on the audit, governance, and compensation committees for more than a dozen U.S. and Canadian-listed public companies. Mr. Kaushal has spent the past eight years as a Managing Director for PwC’s Corporate Finance practice in Toronto. Mr. Kaushal has held senior roles in investment banking, venture capital and consulting firms including, Desjardins Securities, Orion Securities, Vengate Capital Partners, HSBC Securities, Gordon Capital and MDS Capital Corp. Mr. Kaushal currently sits on the Board of Directors for several other publicly traded cannabis companies including Delta Nine Cannabis Inc., The Valens Company and High Tide Inc., along with several biotech and healthcare industry companies. He earned his BSc in Chemistry from the University of Toronto, is a Chartered Accountant and holds his CF Corporate Finance Qualification.

Amit Varma


Mr. Varma brings with him over 17 years of experience in cross border commercial banking, and corporate finance roles with some of the largest financial institutions in Canada as well senior management and executive roles with some of Canada’s largest agricultural companies. Mr. Varma has worked in both large private and public companies and has been responsible for sourcing, developing, and maintaining new and existing relationships with strategic financial partners to ensure the long-term availability of adequate sources of capital including equity and debt required for the ongoing operations, trade finance, cash management, covenant compliance, planned capital expenditures and the funding of the company’s strategic initiatives including possible mergers and acquisitions. Throughout his career in both the private and public sectors, Mr. Varma has successfully delivered several billion dollars in operating loans, term debt, subordinated debt and equity financing.

David Wesley


Mr. Wesley has a decade of experience in the development, implementation and operational handover of some of the largest commercial greenhouse operations in North America. He has delivered over $400 million dollars of agricultural, office, industrial and other green field construction. Mr. Wesley has extensive multi-national experience leading Development efforts and Regulatory compliance from the local City level to Federal agencies. He has experience in both private company and advisory Boards. Mr. Wesley holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration in Executive Management with a Specialization in Management Consulting, a Masters Certificate in Project Management, and Certificate in Business Administration.

Salpy Boyajian

COO of Nevada Operations

In her role as COO of Nevada Operations, Ms. Boyajian is primarily responsible for ensuring the efficiency of the Company’s day-to-day operations while adhering to the meticulous and required regulatory guidelines of the industry. A passionate entrepreneur and cannabis aficionado, Ms. Boyajian oversees an expert team of growers, researchers and developers who, through collaborative efforts, work together to propel Flower One’s production and cultivation capabilities forward at scale – innovating proprietary cannabis growing techniques and product lines, prioritizing the consistency and quality of 400,000 square feet of plants, while accelerating the growth and diversification of the Company’s library of over 150 unique cannabis strains. Prior to joining Flower One, Ms. Boyajian demonstrated a record of success in both established and newly created organizations, resulting in significant growth for renowned consumer brand and luxury cultivator, NLV Organics, Inc. (NLVO), which she founded in 2014. Acquired by Flower One in November 2018, NLVO now operates as Flower One’s 25,000 square foot indoor growing facility and in-house research and development wing. The facility continues to be managed and led by Ms. Boyajian.

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