Senior Management

Ken Villazor

President and CEO

 Mr. Villazor is the President and CEO of Flower One Holdings. With more than 20 years of experience in Corporate Affairs including communications, public relations, business development, regulatory affairs, government relations, philanthropy and public policy, Mr. Villazor is now at the helm of Flower One. He has held numerous senior positions in the pharmaceutical industry, working extensively in government regulated aspects of commercial operations including formulary/market access, pricing compliance, price controls, manufacturing grants, regulatory approvals and shaping federal and provincial government policies. Mr. Villazor has been a director of Organic Garage Ltd. (TSXV:OG) since 2016 and serves on its Audit Committee, Governance Committee and Compensation Committee. He has worked for a number of large pharmaceutical companies including SmithKline Beecham, GlaxoSmithKline and Biovail Corporation as well as with the industry’s national trade association based in Ottawa. In addition, Mr. Villazor also spent more than a decade in the sports and entertainment industry including having served as an Alternate Governor and advisor to a National Hockey League franchise. His Board experience spans the academic sector, not-for-profit sector and publicly-traded companies.

Geoff Miachika

Chief Financial Officer

 Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Miachika is a Chartered Professional Accountant with over a decade of experience in finance and accounting. Prior to joining Flower One, he was a Senior Manager with one of North America’s leading accounting and advisory firms where he primarily served Canadian and US public companies in audit, accounting advisory and securities engagements. Mr. Miachika has extensive experience working with clients listed on the TSX, TSX-V, CSE, and the NYSE as well as regulatory and financial reporting experience in IFRS, US GAAP and US internal control certifications, accounting for mergers, acquisitions, dispositions and other shareholder related matters. Operationally, Mr. Miachika has also managed teams of professional resources in the execution of large scale global audits.

Nevada Management & Operations

Debbie Bingham


 As Director of Sales and Marketing, Ms. Bingham is responsible for achieving Flower One’s financial objectives, including revenue, margin, and market share, while enhancing the Company’s market position – in collaboration with the COO of Nevada Operations, Ms. Bingham is focused on continually improving and expanding Flower One’s product portfolio, managing relationships with each of the Company’s Brand Partners. Ms. Bingham will also oversee brand and product marketing, content development, demand generation, digital marketing and events in addition to planning advertising and promotional activities.
 Prior to joining Flower One, Ms. Bingham played an integral role in growing Las Vegas’ renowned hospitality platform, VEGAS.com, into a US$300 million per annum company. During that time, she successfully demonstrated her ability to execute a range of B2B and B2C business strategies, including: spearheading business development efforts to transform the company from an early-stage startup to a company with an employee headcount of over 500; providing sales support of digital advertising sponsorships for all website brands; creating and subsequently selling two distinct disruptive software products, nationally, to partners within the hospitality realm; and leading the acquisition and management by VEGAS.com of tour and transportation company, Casino Travel & Tours as well as launching and managing five retail ticketing outlets on the Las Vegas strip.

Salpy Boyajian


 In her role as Chief Operating Officer of Flower One’s Nevada’s operations, Ms. Boyajian is primarily responsible for ensuring the efficiency of the Company’s day-to-day operations while adhering to the meticulous and required regulatory guidelines of the industry. A passionate entrepreneur and cannabis aficionado, Ms. Boyajian oversees an expert team of growers, researchers and developers who, through collaborative efforts, work together to propel Flower One’s production and cultivation capabilities forward at scale – innovating proprietary cannabis growing techniques and product lines, prioritizing the consistency and quality of 400,000 square feet of plants, while accelerating the growth and diversification of the Company’s library of over 100 unique cannabis strains.
 Prior to joining Flower One, Ms. Boyajian demonstrated a record of success in both established and newly created organizations, resulting in significant growth for renowned consumer brand and luxury cultivator, NLV Organics, Inc. (NLVO), which she founded in 2014. Acquired by Flower One in November 2018, NLVO now operates as Flower One’s 25,000 square foot indoor growing facility and in-house research and development wing. The facility continues to be managed and led by Ms. Boyajian.

Karl Fox


 Mr. Fox has nearly 20 years of experience in Facility Management including responsibilities involving complex, commercial scale, multi-location operations located in the United States and Canada. His senior management responsibilities have included Facilities Management oversight of operating facilities and related support buildings in excess of 10 million square feet. Mr. Fox is a Professional Registered Engineer and has a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Degree from the University of Victoria. He was born and raised in Boise, Idaho.

Dillon Kass


 Mr. Kass is experienced in local, state and federal regulatory compliance across numerous sectors. His specific experience in commercial greenhouse regulatory affairs spans water treatment compliance, licensing and permitting, compliance training for operations staff and management, and large-scale environmental site assessments. Mr. Kass’ commercial greenhouse regulatory, compliance, licensing and permitting expertise is extensive with a particular focus on the regulatory regimes in California and Nevada. Mr. Kass is also a California licensed Professional Geologist. He also proudly served in the United States Navy.

Tim de Kok


 A fourth-generation greenhouse operator, and having started in the industry at just eight years old, Mr. de Kok is Flower One Holdings’ Senior Grower. In his role, Mr. de Kok is responsible for establishing the overarching strategic plan behind Flower One’s greenhouse operations – including selecting the genetics to be analyzed in Flower One’s research and development facility; vetting and carefully selecting the cannabis seeds and strains to be cultivated; budgeting and forecasting; climate control and strategy; developing a network of dedicated growers; ensuring high-quality production and efficiency; managing the overall health of the plant material; and ultimately, overseeing all aspects of Flower One’s growing operations. Prior to joining Flower One, Mr. de Kok was previously employed at Eurofresh where he began as an Assistant Grower in 1997 and continued to grow with the company into the company’s Site Manager and Grower by the end of 2007. He then became Director of Growing at Backyard Farms, where he held the position from 2007 until 2013.

Robert Pulido


 Mr. Pulido has worked in the commercial greenhouse sector for more than 17 years and has three decades of experience as a senior Human Resource executive. He has applied his extensive and specialized Human Resource knowledge in the areas of labour strategy, employment law, mediation, grievance and arbitration, talent acquisition and retention, corporate social responsibility, performance management, training and workplace health and safety to more than 2,000 greenhouse employees and management staff. Mr. Pulido resided and worked extensively in Arizona for more than 20 years.

Francisco Rodarte


 Mr. Rodarte’s first experience working in a greenhouse facility was in 2007. Today, he brings five years of specific growing experience to his role as a Grower at Flower One Holdings. Mr. Rodarte’s day-to-day responsibilities include ensuring the overall health of Flower One’s plant material. This includes managing activities related to cloning, light recipes, climate control, irrigation, fertilizer recipes, and overseeing the entire journey of the plant from seed to retail-ready product – Mr. Rodarte refers to this journey as, ‘Zero to Hero.’ In addition, Mr. Rodarte contributes to the organization and planning of Flower One’s growing operations to ensure a high-quality product is the outcome of strategic and efficient operations. His favourite part about being a Grower at Flower One is the learning experience of growing cannabis and being surrounded by the fresh scent of the plant material on a daily basis.

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