Greenhouse Operations

Our experienced greenhouse operators are currently managing the intensive conversion of the largest greenhouse in the State of Nevada to prepare it for large-scale hydroponic cannabis cultivation, processing and production. This state-of-the art 455,000 square foot facility includes 400,000 square feet of greenhouse space dedicated to cultivation and a 55,000 square foot production shop for processing, production and high-volume packaging of dry flower, cannabis oils, concentrates and infused products.

Planting in the greenhouse is planned for Q1 2019. When our greenhouse is fully operational in 2019, along with our indoor facility, we will be able to produce 140,000 pounds (62,500 kilograms) annually, making Flower One a leading cultivator and processor in North America.

Cultivation and Processing Expertise

Flower One has an extensive, experienced, localized team with global operational experience comprised of master growers, senior growers and assistant growers and integrated pest management.

Bringing an unprecedented amount of skill to maximize the genetics from more than 50 cannabis strains, our team is specifically trained for the requirements of our facilities – some of the most technologically advanced world-wide — to deliver the highest quality of cannabis products to the marketplace.