Our Core Values


We serve and care for the plant and believe that cannabis has the power to heal and transform the world. It is our higher purpose to share cannabis with the world. We believe everyone should have access to quality cannabis at an affordable price. This mission is what unites us, it is what ingrains our passion for what we do and motivates us to get better every day, knowing we are all contributing towards making the world a better place.


Culture IS EVERYTHING. Our values and guiding principles are all aimed at building and sustaining a company culture that remains in touch with the cannabis consumer. Our culture always rewards talent, hard work, and achievement. We have respect for the plant and the pioneers that paved the road to cannabis legalization. Our culture defines who we are and what we stand for.


At the core of everything we do. We recognize that making great products is a collaborative effort that requires talents and contributions from many different professionals ranging from cultivation, extraction, manufacturing, and CPG, all working together towards the goal of making the best possible products using responsible and sustainable methods in line with the values of all of our stakeholders.

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