Flower One is approaching the cannabis market in Nevada and beyond by establishing numerous, meaningful, long-term partnerships with reputable, established brands who are looking to accelerate their market entry into Nevada. Capable of providing seed-to-retail-ready product that is custom packaged and delivered to retailers with a commitment to consistent, reliable, high-volume delivery, while upholding and maintaining the product quality its Brand Partners – and their users – have come to expect.

Brand Partners

For existing brands looking to enter and accelerate their market position in Nevada, Flower One’s brand licensing deals will produce the consistently high-quality dry flower, derivatives and custom packaging that brands – and their users – have come to expect.

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House Partner

Through the acquisition of North Las Vegas Organics, now a Flower One House Partner, Flower One has gained access to a diverse library of over 150 unique strains of cannabis and a prolific team of scientists, researchers, and strain developers.

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