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California-based Cookies, a brand widely recognized throughout the cannabis market for producing some of the highest quality and most diverse cannabis cultivars in the world, was founded in 2012 by Berner, the prolific Bay Area rapper and entrepreneur, and his partner Jai, Bay Area cultivator and breeder. Cookies-branded products produced by Flower One are available in dispensaries throughout the state of Nevada, including all of Cookies’ best-in-class brands: Cookies, Lemonnade, Powerzzzup, Grandiflora, Runtz and Minntz. Learn more at



Founded by Grammy award-winning and multi-platinum recording artist, Shavo Odadjian, System Of A Down‘s bassist, 22Red is a premier Southern California cannabis brand, known for its brand authenticity and proprietary genetics. 22Red’s entire product line is available for purchase in Nevada, including the brand’s entire selection of dry flower and pre-roll products (Church 22, Mimosa22, Caramel Gelato, and 22OG), vape cartridges (OG Kush, Strawberry Banana, and Watermelon), and CBD selections (Watermelon and Orange Mint). Learn more at

Lift TicketsLift Tickets

Lift Tickets

Lift Tickets was founded in 2014 by cannabis enthusiasts and connoisseurs looking to elevate the consumer experience and revolutionize the pre-roll category. Passionate strain hunters and aficionados, they developed their unique skills over the last decade, creating several award winning pre-roll products featuring industry-leading innovations and production methods including but not limited to the use of glass tips, proprietary live-resin and terpene infused rolling papers, and several unique methods and formulations for concentrate infused pre-rolls. All of Lift Tickets methods are designed to produce the best pre-roll experience on the planet, incorporating the finest materials, precise production methods, and proprietary techniques to assure that airflow, burn, and the overall experience meet the Lift Ticket standard. Lift Tickets has collaborated with some of the top cultivators and brands in the industry including but not limited to Cookies, WonderBrett, Dr. Green Thumbs, Cannabis Brothers, Cali Kush Farms, A Golden State, Blue River Terps, and Ember Valley Farms. Lift Tickets has also won multiple industry awards. To learn more, please visit at

Heavy HittersHeavy Hitters

Heavy Hitters

Since originating in Southern California during the cannabis renaissance of the late 90’s, Heavy Hitters has been the connoisseur’s choice for the highest quality cannabis. Ultra Pure, Ultra Potent. To us it’s simple. A better experience starts with a premium product, continues with an innovative and exceptional production process, and ends with a happy consumer. The purest and most potent premium distillate on the market, Heavy Hitters Ultra contains up to 95% THC and contains only 100% Cannabis Native Terpenes. Learn more at

Kiva ConfectionsKiva ConfectionsKiva ConfectionsKiva Confections

Kiva Confections

California-born Kiva Confections (“Kiva”), is an industry-leading premium cannabis confections brand, known for their precise, discreet, and delicious edibles. A nine-year old industry leader, Kiva’s Camino Gummies are available on Nevada retailer shelves. Pairing custom combinations of THC, CBD, and a range of carefully curated terpenes, Camino provides the most tailored cannabis experience on the market. Camino Gummies are available in the following flavors and effects: Wild Berry (“Chill”), Sparkling Pear (“Social”), Pineapple Habanero (“Uplifting”), Wild Cherry (“Excite”), and Watermelon Lemonade (“Bliss”). Camino provides the same portable experience popularized by Kiva’s best-selling Terra Bites also available in Nevada and packaged in a convenient, shareable, and re-usable tin. Learn more at

Old Pal

Old Pal, a popular lifestyle cannabis brand out of California, is the lowest cost provider of legal cannabis in its home state and in Nevada. With the value-oriented segment of the market in mind, Old Pal’s suite of products include primarily pure, dried flower available in three varieties: Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. Old Pal also offers a half ounce, pre-ground rolling kit as an all-in-one convenient cannabis solution for consumers on-the-go and includes branded rolling papers that uniquely pay homage to cannabis culture circa the 1960s and 1970s. Flower One is licensed to produce, manufacture and distribute the entire Old Pal product line to Nevada’s 130 cannabis retailers, marking Old Pal’s first out of state expansion and entry into the Nevada market. Learn more at

Natures Lab

Nature’s Lab Extracts is a high-end cannabis extraction company that offers premium quality products. Natures’s Lab Extract first gained their reputation for leading the market in producing the world’s finest “Sauce” a cannabis product that is 50/50 blend of THC-A Crystalline and Cannabis Terpenes also known as Half High terpene full spectrum extract. Artisan crafted, Nature’s Lab Extract product line consist of Sauce, Crumble, Shatter, and Sauce Vape Cartridges that are all solvent free and made from the premium flower strains. We value consistency, quality, & are dedicated to providing only the best in the craft cannabis market. Learn more at

Palms Premium

Palms Premium is a California-based, experience-driven cannabis brand known for high-quality pre-rolls that offer consumers a thoughtful and consistent cannabis experience. Their products lines such as ‘Social’ and ‘Chill’, ensures that consumers are able to find a product that speaks to their experience level and knowledge base. Palms’ ‘Social’ sativa pre-roll features a sour tangie strain with a distinct citrus scent and flavor, and invokes a fun, uplifting high that isn’t overwhelming in social settings. The ‘Chill’ indica hybrid pre-roll induces a relaxing high, featuring a taffie strain with subtle citrus flavors blended with hints of caramel. Flower One is now licensed to manufacture, distribute and sell Palms’ signature cannabis products to all cannabis retailers in Nevada, marking the consumer brand’s first out-of-state expansion. Learn more at


HUXTON, is an Arizona-based lifestyle cannabis brand known for their curated, consistent, multi-strain blended flower. Each of HUXTON’s three product series (HIFI, RISE, and ZEN) comprises a hand-selected variety of cannabis genetics that unite full terpene, cannabinoid, and trichrome profiles to provide consumers with an experience that is enjoyable and consistent. HIFI combines genetics to create an energetic and euphoric experience; RISE genetics restore vitality, productivity, and focus; and ZEN induces an experience of relaxation and rejuvenation. Flower One is now licensed to manufacture, distribute and sell HUXTON’s signature cannabis products to all cannabis retailers in Nevada as pre-rolls and vape pens, branded according to the experience they offer. Learn more at


Grenco Science, a California-based pioneer in the cannabis hardware space, is responsible for engineering the advanced technology behind the internationally-available and ever-popular G Pen line of cannabis vaporizers. The G Pen Gio, now available in Nevada, is a draw-activated concentrate vaporizer that is intuitive, portable, accessible and features a cutting edge cartridge system with an optimized heating temperature and integrated airpath for maximum vaporization, and consistent, smooth, and flavourful pulls. Flower One is now licensed to manufacture, sell, distribute and integrate G Pen’s proprietary, innovative hardware technology to new cannabis products across its diverse portfolio of Brand Partners.

The ClearThe ClearThe Clear

The Clear

Clear Cannabis Inc. is the Denver-based parent company of The ClearTM. Founded in 2013, The Clear has established itself as the first and original cannabis distillation company. Featuring a robust menu of 17 flavorful vape cartridges, among other high-quality products, The Clear utilizes steam-distilled plant extracts and unmatched state-of-the-art technology to provide consumers with a reliable, clean, and consistent cannabis experience. Soon the Clear’s C-Cell cartridges and top pull batteries will be available in Nevada, providing cannabis consumers with a consistent dosing experience. Flower One is licensed to produce, manufacture, and distribute The Clear ‘s product to Nevada’s cannabis retailers, providing the state’s consumers with a consistent supply of The Clear’s popular line of flavorful cannabis oils. Learn more at

CannAmerica Brands

CannAmerica Brands is a Colorado-based, marine-veteran-founded cannabis brand known for its line of top-tier cannabis gummies and edibles. New variations of CannAmerica Brands’ best selling Fruit Juice Gummies and Super Soft Gummies products will be available for purchase in the state of Nevada. The Fruit Juice Gummies and Super Soft Gummies Gummies will feature new formulas that improve on CannAmerica’s existing flagship products, and will be categorized according to three flavour profiles: sweet (strawberry banana, peach, orange sherbert), sour (blue raspberry, cherry, bomb pop), and a sweet and sour combination. Flower One is now licensed to manufacture, distribute and sell CannAmerica Brands’ signature cannabis Fruit Juice Gummies and Super Soft Gummies to all cannabis retailers in Nevada. Learn more at

Flyte Concentrates

Flyte Concentrates, a distillate brand, is best known for its two product lines: FlytePen and JetPack. FlytePen is a slim distillate vaporizer system with a cartridge containing 0.8ml of premium cannabis oil. Using a proprietary process and formulation, the FlytePen can rapidly vaporize the thickest and most purified cannabis oils. Flyte JetPacks are convenient single-dose 10ml liquid THC or CBD shots, about 2mm thick and about the size of a credit card. The contents of the package can be added to any hot or cold beverage for a discreet experience. Flower One is now licensed to manufacture, distribute and sell the two signature cannabis products from Flyte Concentrates to all cannabis retailers in Nevada, marking the consumer brand’s US market entry. Flower One is now licensed to manufacture, distribute and sell the two signature cannabis products from Flyte Concentrates to all cannabis retailers in Nevada, marking the consumer brand’s US market entry. Learn more at

Rapid Dose Therapeutics Inc.

Rapid Dose Therapeutics Inc., a Canadian med-tech company, provides innovative, proprietary drug delivery technologies to users across North America including QuickStrip™, a game-changing quick, convenient, precise, and discreet oral fast-dissolving drug delivery system. Flower One is now licensed to manufacture, distribute and sell cannabis-infused versions of RDT’s QuickStrip™ delivery technology to all the Nevada legal dispensaries and providing a unique smoke-free cannabis product to Nevada’s tourist and local market. Learn more at

Deuces 22Deuces 22Deuces 22

Deuces 22

Deuces 22 is the premium-quality, lifestyle cannabis brand founded by four-time NBA champion John Salley, and daughter Tyla Salley. Emphasizing quality and convenience, Deuces 22 is focused on providing cannabis consumers with access to locally-produced, high-quality flower. A selection of Deuces 22’s high-quality products will soon be available for purchase in Nevada, carefully branded to evoke a down-to-earth, additive-free experience that is reminiscent of a simple night at home surrounded by close friends. Pre-rolls will also soon be on retail shelves in the state, packaged with materials that are biodegradable and compostable at a much more sustainable rate compared to plastics. Vape pens, edibles, CBD topicals, among other products, will follow in the near future. Flower One is now licensed to manufacture, distribute, and sell Deuces 22’s selection of high-quality dry flower and pre-rolls in Nevada. Learn more at

The Medicine CabinetThe Medicine CabinetThe Medicine Cabinet

The Medicine Cabinet

The Medicine Cabinet is a high-end, boutique-style recreational cannabis brand. Through Flower One, The Medicine Cabinet’s Don Pablo Premium pre-rolls, a selection of Bomb Girl’s edibles and pre-roll Slims and Baby J’s, as well as a variety of Coffeeshop Classics dried flower will soon be available in Nevada. Flower One is now licensed to manufacture, distribute and sell The Medicine Cabinet’s signature cannabis products and brands to all cannabis retailers in Nevada. Learn more at

La Vida VerdeLa Vida VerdeLa Vida Verde

La Vida Verde

La Vida Verde is a health-focused cannabis brand based in California, dedicated to utilizing high-quality, vegan, organic, gluten-free, and paleo-friendly ingredients to produce a variety of cannabis edibles and tinctures. The parent company of a holistic line of edible cannabis products, La Vida Verde’s products have been branded and are available through its three in-house brands: La Vida Verde, Skunk FeatherTM, and Blank BrandTM. La Vida Verde will be introducing its three cannabis tinctures (Relax, Restore, and Revive), along with three gummy candies (Island Guava, Pineapple Butterscotch, and Rootbeer Float) through Blank BrandTM, in addition to a variety of pre-rolls and packaged flower under its flagship brand Skunk FeatherTM. Learn more at