House Brand

An established luxury cannabis cultivator and manufacturer with a presence in over half of Nevada’s dispensaries, NLVO introduced the initial 50 strains of cannabis for cultivation at the Flower One Greenhouse and was integral to the organization’s introduction and access to the Nevada Market. The facility, headquartered at Neeham Road, is now home to Flower One’s research and development team who oversee the testing of new strains and growing techniques under the guidance of Salpy Boyajian and Shatony Sargeant.


NLVO, a fully operational 25,000 square foot cultivation and production facility located in the City of North Las Vegas is fully licensed to grow and process cannabis for both the medical and recreational markets in Nevada. With nine grow rooms capable of cultivating a total of 4,500 plants per cycle, and a diverse inventory of over 50 genetic strains and plant material, the acquisition of NLVO’s assets and team of experienced cultivators and producers granted an immediate understanding of post-harvest production techniques and supply relationships with over 50% of Nevada’s operating dispensaries. Visit them at